Defective PCOS machines were reported in many areas in Panay, including in Duenas and Dingle. Four PCOS machines also malfunctioned in the 4th district while two machines in San Enrique were shut down due to various problems.


In Calinog, earlier reports said that 10 PCOS machines failed in different precincts. PCOS failure was also reported in Barangay Poblacion, San Enrique (clustered precincts 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A) and in Barangay Tambunac and Camiri in San Enrique town.  Similarly, faulty machines also affected voting in precinct 0926-A in Fundidor, Molo.


Lawyer Eldrid Antiquera, a voter of precinct 505 at Iloilo National High School in Bgy. San Vicente, Jaro said the PCOS machine bogged down, causing much delays in the voting their precinct.


In Miagao, some barangays experienced power outages, reported Mario Gelongo. This added to the various cases of faulty PCOS machines reported in San Fernando Elementary School and in Oton, Barangay Sambaludad.


Blank ballots in Barangay Laag, Tabungan and San Rafael, Tigbauan, as well as in Bugasong, Antique and in Lacayon, Rombolon were switched while malfunctioned PCOS machine in Barangay Morsillas, Tubungan was also reported.


Meanwhile, ballots from Batad were cut to fit the PCOS machine.


Meanwhile, lawyer Modesto Mamon of UNA complained that his leaders were harassed in Montemagapa, Janiuay. He reported that the barangay chairman and his constituents were carrying weapons.


Voters from Baranga Zone 4, Sta. Barbara complained the person assisting with the PCOS machine took their ballots even if they were not yet completely shaded.


An incident of harassment (poking of armalite rifle) was reported involving a bodyguard of a mayoral candidate in Buenavista, Guimaras.  The victim was identified as Larry Perano from New Poblacion.


In one precinct in Calapan, Mindoro Oriental, the machine only accepted 93 ballots.#