Adding to earlier reports about malfunctioning machines in several precincts of Marikina City are new reports of PCOS machine irregularities by election watchdog Kontra Daya.


Poll watchers noted PCOS ballot paper jams early this morning in Leodegario Elementary School in Brgy. Dela Peña, clustered precinct 86.


This was followed by reports of defective PCOS memory cards in clustered precincts No. 554-A, 554-B, 555-A, 555-B and 555-C in Marikina High School, Brgy. Tumana, Marikina. The same poll precinct in Marikina High School also reported at least one PCOS machine malfunction, affecting precinct No. 169 and cluster numbers 0561F, 0562A, 0562B, 0562C, and 0562D. The local BEI had to individually scan and count ballots because of machine failure.


Poll watchers monitoring another Marikina High School in Brgy. Concepcion noted discrepancies in the master list of voters from the actual list of voters in the voting room for cluster number 156, precinct number 0552 A-B, Room number 8. The discrepancy in names left many unable to cast their votes.


In Brgy. San Roque Elementary School, Marikina, Kontra Daya poll watchers noted the use of different PCOS machines for different clustered precincts. ###