Many Cebu voters complained their names missing from the COMELEC’s master list of voters, which a multi-sectoral watchdog reported as the most widespread problem in the province.


According to Pagbabago! Cebu, this observation was based on reports sent in by its monitoring teams deployed in various polling centers in Metro Cebu.


“With a few more hours left in today’s electoral exercise, it is sad to see so many of our citizens go home frustrated and angry over their disenfranchisement and denial of their right to vote,” said Rev. Jess Primacio, spokesperson of Pagbabago!Cebu.


He said this phenomenon was observed in various polling centers such as in Bacayan Elementary School and Abellana National School in Cebu City, and in Lawaan National High School and Mohon Elementary School in Talisay City.


Pagbabago!Cebu, which was established as a non-partisan watchdog during the 2010 elections, urged voters to report any election-related anomalies through mobile no. 0933378550, or at telephone 32-511-5229 and email address