Press Statement

March 30, 2016

Ref: Assoc. Prof. Danny Arao, Kontra Daya Convenor

The hacking of the COMELEC website is a timely Easter message for our election officials to repent for their shortcomings.

The incident exposes COMELEC’s security vulnerabilities and puts into question the security features of the automated election system (AES). What is the assurance that the elections will not be rigged to favor certain candidates?

The sanctity of the ballot must be protected, most especially in a situation where there is a tight race in the presidential and vice-presidential elections.

Kontra Daya repeats its demand that the COMELEC be more transparent in its operations to assuage the people’s doubts. It must implement the long-demanded minimum safeguards. As it stands now, the foreign-controlled AES cannot be relied on to accurately reflect the vote of the people. ##