Press Satement

April 11, 2016

Reference: Assoc. Prof. Danny Arao
Convenor, Kontra Daya

The use of “Daang Matuwid” as the common nickname of Liberal Party (LP) standard bearers Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo reflects the ruling party’s desperation to get votes even if it means resorting to voter deception.

While candidates’ nicknames are allowed to be written on the ballot, it is strange and sneaky that Roxas and Robredo share a common “nickname,” one that serves as the current administration’s slogan and therefore widely used in government projects funded by the taxpayers.

Kontra Daya denounces the deception as it calls on the people to reject any attempts by candidates and political parties to make a mockery of election rules, which is what the LP is doing.

Kontra Daya acknowledges the efforts of our OFWs to bring to the public’s attention the developments related to the overseas absentee voting which started last April 9. The need to be vigilant becomes more urgent as the LP is resorting to deception to ensure victory of its candidates.##


*Photo credits to the owner