Poll watchdog Kontra Daya today filed a petition for the cancellation of the accreditation of partylist group Ang Galing Pinoy, currently represented by former Pampanga Congressman and presidential son Mikey Arroyo.

In its Complaint for the Removal and/or Cancellation of Registration Kontra Daya alleged that Ang Galing Pinoy is not a legitimate representative of the marginalized and underrepresented sectors that the partylist law intends to represent in Congress.

“Mikey Arroyo as partylist representative has made a mockery of the partylist system and has encouraged other politicians, dynasties, big business and other interest groups to take advantage of the system that is supposedly reserved for the truly marginalized and underrepresented sectors of our society,” said Kontra Daya convenor Fr. Joe Dizon.

The watchdog also sought the denial of the certificate of nomination of AGP’s nominees for 2013, Charlie G. Chua and Eder G. Dizon. Chua is a senior partner of Chua and Munsayac Law Firm and certainly not a security guard or driver. He is also a board member of the Sangguniang Bayan Lubao Pampanga. Dizon meanwhile is a Cosmetic Surgeon “and certainly not a security guard or tricycle driver”. He is also President and owner of Suncove Corporation in Pampanga “which is a franchise holder of PCSO Small Town Lottery, a legalized version of jueteng”.

The group also said that AGP has no real intention of representing the sector of security guards and tricycle drivers given its track record in Congress. “In the House of Representatives website, Juan Miguel

“Mikey” Arroyo, under the AG party-list, was said to have co-authored a total of 90  measures filed by his mother or brother many of which are for the separation of high schools in Bicol. Without commenting on the seemingly lack of interest of AG Representative to author its own bills and resolutions which specifically benefits the sectors it claims to represent, the bills of his mother and brother are not in any way related to security guards or drivers,” the petitioners said.

Petitioners against AGP include Dizon, Col. Guillermo Cunanan (Ret.), Gloria Arellano, secretary general of Kadamay, Manolo Mercedes of the FPJPM, and Renato Reyes, Jr. of Bayan. ###