Kontra Daya has documented several cases of red-tagging of certain candidates and party-list groups on the eve of and on election day. The perpetrators include the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) which is supposed to be non-partisan as it is tasked to help in preserving peace and order during the election season.

In Angeles City, Pampanga and Mandaue City, Cebu, the Workers Election (WE) Watch reported tarpaulins red-tagging MAKABAYAN  partylist groups and  candidates Elmer “Bong” Labog and Neri Colmenares displayed at the polling centers. 

On the eve of the elections AFP units conducted a “discreet text blast” asking uniformed personnel and their families not to vote for certain partylist groups and senatorial candidates. The instructions for the “discreet text blast” were shared on group chats and social media platforms. 

In Market Avenue, Pasig, tarpaulins red-tagging the ACT Teachers Party List and GABRIELA were found. 

While red-tagging during the election season has happened in the past, what appears new this election cycle is the intensity and the brazenness of the attacks, to the point where official channels are now being used with impunity.

Kontra Daya calls on COMELEC, particularly its task force against “fake news,” to investigate red-tagging as this has been branded as the most dangerous form of disinformation during the elections.

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