News Release

July 4, 2012

The poll watchdog Kontra Daya today called on the Comelec to publish online the names of all partylist groups and their nominees, whether accredited or still seeking accreditation, so that the public may know who these groups are. The group said that it will help in weeding out bogus partylists that have used the system reserved for marginalized sectors as a means of getting a congressional seat.

“The posting online of all the names of the partylist groups and their nominees is an act of transparency that will cost Comelec nothing. It will also help immensely in the identification and the weeding out of fake partylist groups. Over the last 10 years, the partylist system has been flooded by entities claiming to represent marginalized sectors but are in fact representatives of political clans, big business and other influential sectors,” Kontra Daya said.

The watchdog group said that since there are 172 partylist groups seeking accreditation, it would be difficult for the truly marginalized sectors to oppose the fake groups without prior knowledge of their application.

“The public should be involved in the process of screening these questionable groups. For too long they have gotten away with making a mockery of the parytlist system. Now we have the likes of Mikey Arroyo claiming to represent security guards. We have sons, wives and relatives of politicians claiming to be marginalized,” Kontra Daya said.

The group said that by now, since Comelec already has a list, it can simply upload this to the Comelec website for everyone to see. Once the questionable groups are removed, the Comelec is expected to publish the names of the groups and their nominees who are eligible to run in 2013.

Kontra Daya also called on the Comelec to abolish the P10,000 filing fee for petitions for disqualification against ineligible partylist groups and nominees.

“The petitions for disqualification are expected to be filed by the truly marginalized and legitimate partylist groups and sectors. How will the truly marginalized afford such an amount? This ridiculous filing fee is further marginalizing the already marginalized groups. This should be abolished,” the group said. ###