As of May 13, 2013 / 10:57 a.m.

Disenfranchised Voters at Voting Center Zarraga Central Elementary School, Zarraga, Iloilo:

  1. Flotildes, Sr. Ma. Elvira O.P.
  2. Mariano, Domingo B. Jr.
  3. Canong, Jimmy
  4. Barrido, Dennis
  5. Coronado, Randolph G.
  6. Doronila, Alma S.
  7. Talaman, Allaine Glenne B.
  8. Noderama, Elena P.
  9. Real, Edson T.

10. Solito, Noli N.

11. and a certain Hofilena


PCOS Machine:


At Clustered Precinct 2 (Poblacion Ilaud 2), the PCOS machine jammed  at around 10:30 in the morning, which caused the delay of the voting for about 25-30 minutes.


The LCD screen of the PCOS machine had instructions that the unit must be “SHUT DOWN”; however, the PCOS supervisor and the two technicians were afraid to shut down the machine as it was not on their manual of instructions  and the BEI was also afraid that shutting down the machine might invalidate the 185 ballots that were already cast.


This was recorded in the Minutes of the BEI and also by the pollwatchers present (there were 3 pollwatchers).


The BEI decided to continue the voting process and had the ballots placed inside a separate box. This was also recorded in the Minutes.


After about 30 minutes, the BEI decided to push the paper ballot inside the PCOS machine with the aid of a broomstick, which fortunately, worked! The routine is tasking as every ballot has to be pushed with the aid of the broomstick!


PCOS Machine # 30470002

Poll/CVS code 3047007




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Panay & Guimaras