In the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on the parytlist system, Kontra Daya is issuing this matrix as a guide for voters, a way of spotting questionable groups. Kontra Daya has assailed the Supreme Court ruling as patently anti-poor and pro-elite. The ruling will open the floodgates for the rich and powerful who have long sought to undermine and corrupt the partylist system. Voters should be wary of these groups.

The matrix is based on the ordering that appears in the ballot and on the latest names of nominees released by the Comelec. This matrix would be updated as new information is received by Kontra Daya.

We call on voters to be vigilant and to vote according the original intent of the partylist system, which is to give a voice to the marginalized and underrepresented.

Download the Kontra Daya matrix here: