Fr.Jo Dizon of Kontra Daya today filed a “Complaint for the Cancellation of the Registration of Kasangga Party List with a Petition to deny due course to the Nomination of Cong. Teodorico Haresco” or his possible replacement, Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez.

“Kasangga party list is one more proof of the abuse of the party list system by the rich and the powerful.  We are filing this complaint with the hope that Comelec will seriously cleanse the party list system ” said Fr. Dizon.  “ Rep. Haresco is the owner of many companies namely Winace Holdings Philippines, Inc.: with P100 million paid up capital and Haresco owning up to P40 million shares,  Winsource Solutions Phils. Inc. with P50 million paid up capital.  Additionally, his other corporation Winace Holdings, is the majority stockholder of Winsource, with paid shares of P30 million, Winserve Trading Inc. and Eco-Coral Corporation with Winace Holdings Phils. Inc. as the majority shareholder.  Surely, he is not a marginalized micro entrepreneur.”

The Complaint also alleged that Kasangga, then called “Kasangga ni Gloria”  was a group created by the Arroyos during the 2004 elections attaching a Memorandum from Haresco campaigning for Arroyos presidential election.  “Mr. Haresco is so influential in the Arroyo government he was able to facilitate a huge bridge project with an estimated value of P 88 Billion which was recently exposed as very highly irregular. I don’t know his exact income from the transaction but it definitely is not peanuts” revealed Fr. Dizon.  “His first nominee then was the sister of the FG Mike Arroyo.  Now he has 2010 senatorial candidate Gwen Pimentel, the sister of Sen. Koko Pimentel and LWUA head Rene Villa.  He has managed to straddle between the Arroyos and the Aquino administration.  This is a sad commentary on the kind of politics we have in the country. ”

Fr. Dizon also warned Haresco that his tactic of having himself replaced by current Aklan Gov. Carlito Marquez will not save Kasangga but will in fact add one more evidence that Kasangga is a creation of the rich and the powerful and is currently being used by Aklan politicians as a means to enter Congress since their bid to create another district has not passed the Senate.  “ While genuine party list groups hold conventions and large Council meetings to select nominees, Haresco can virtually command who the nominees are for Kasangga. The Comelec must look into the irregularity in this change of nominees. Gov. Marquez is taking a big risk if, as he announced publicly recently, he will replace Haresco as Kasangga nominee.  He may not have a party list to run under if Kasangga is disqualified.”

“This is a good chance for us to cleanse the party list system.     I hope the current Comelec  will depart from the previous Comelec’s absurd position that  allowed the likes of Mikey Arroyo’s Ang Galing Pinoy to join the party list system and take away seats that could have been reserved for the poor and the marginalized” Fr. Dizon concluded.