The accounts below summarize the various cases of poll woes documented by Kontra Daya volunteers in Metro Manila from 7am to 3pm today, May 13. Most of the problems monitored by KD volunteers involve malfunctioning PCOS machines.


In Marikina City, some of the problems include one voter who cannot find his/her name on the list in CP #104 in Barangka Elementary School. Also in the same precinct, there are PCOS machines that were not recording the ballots. In Nangka Elementary School, voting has not started in 2 clustered precincts because the PCOS was slow. In Kalumpang Elementary School (CP #24), the voting has just started because the PCOS machines were not working earlier. In San Roque Elementary School, the voting started despite PCOS machine breakdowns. Later at CP #13 in the said school, PCOS machine will be used despite the fact that there is no back up memory according to the COMELEC technician. One voter became angry because his/her ballot was rejected by the PCOS while in Leodegario Elementary School, also in Marikina City, there were reports of PCOS paper jams.


Other problems with the PCOS machine was observed in Marikina High School (CP# 196) were one machine was not working while one has a problem in its LCD. In Fortune Santan Elementary School some ballots were accepted but was not registered by the machine, in Sto Niño Elementary School several PCOS machines were either not working (CP #74) causing delay for voters to cast votes or recurring paper jams were also being reported at 11:45 am in the same school(CP#79).  Same problem occurred in Fortune Elementary School(CP#237), having defective PCOS machine. While in Conception Elementary School, the back-up memory was corrupted at 11:30 am, and all the ballots were placed inside a box. Some voters complained on the slow process of voting at 12:40pm (CP#184) Another report received was about the reception of voters without identification cards or ID’s without picture, in Kapt. Moy Elementary School (CP#198). There was a long queue of voters at Parang Elementary School as voters were taking their time in reading and choosing candidates from the long ballot.


In Pasig City, 4 ballots were rejected in Pasig Elementary School. The BEI said that they will still be counted despite the machine’s rejection after the official voting period. At the same school, one of Maribel Eusebio’s watchers was reported (11:48 am) to manage the entry of ballots to be used by the voters. In Brgy. Caniogan, Rizal High School, the PCOS machine was not accepting ballots resulting in a long line of voters. In Kalawaan Elementary School (CP #75), the PCOS is not working, the BEI said that voting will continue and the votes will be counted at 7pm. At Napico Elementary School, the PCOS machine was also not working so the BEI said that they will just count the votes manually. In Santolan Elementary school, several reports was received such as a PCOS malfunctioning after processing 42 ballots (CP#131) and 34 ballots (CP#394), PCOS machine stopped working 2 times (CP#390), and alternately accepting and rejecting of ballots by a PCOS machine (CP #395).


In Caloocan City, at Star Elementary School (CP # 1197), the PCOS is not working. At the Kalayaan National High School, police were seen carrying high powered rifles at the gates. At around 10:47 am, voting has not yet started in the said school as the BEI were still not ready, seven PCOS machines were also reported to be non-functioning. At CP#304 at the same polling precinct, some of the ballots were rejected. A PCOS machine was reported to reject all ballots after the first 8 ballots in Maypajo Integrated School (CP#618). At 9 am, several voters are doing manual voting due to defective PCOS in Sta. Quiteria Elementary School (CP#111).


In Manila city, as of 9:30 am, 12 ballots were not accepted and processed by the PCOS machine in Ramon Magsaysay High School. 86 ballots were also affected by an abrupt shutting down of PCOS machine at 8:56 am in the same school. At CP 775-2513A, PCOS machines rejected ballots, the BEI said that the votes will be counted manually. Later at CP 2153 A, in the same school, 6 ballots were rejected and later at around 11:00am at CP #796, the machines were not being used anymore because it was not working. It was reported that in Clustered Precinct #796, they turned to manual voting due to PCOS failure at 12:48pm. There were three policemen present in the area because of a report of disorder. Another PCOS machine was reported to reject ballots at 12:45pm in clustered precinct #796 in Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School.


In P. Burgos Elementary School in Manila (CP 2561-A in), a ballot was rejected 4 times and the voter was still marked with indelible ink, there were also 2 reports in CP 260-B that the PCOS was not working. In Mariano Marcos Memorial High School, 7 ballots were already rejected by the PCOS. In Benigno Aldana Elementary School, several pollwatchers were asked to leave the precinct. At the Pateros Elementary School, there were registered voters whose names were missing in the voters’ list. While another PCOS machine stopped working in Malvar Elementary School(CP#2536) at 10:04 am.  In Brgy 473, Sampaloc Manila, voting was reverted to manual due to a PCOS shutdown. Vote buying of P100 for Anton Capistrano (LP Candidate for City Council) was reported in Brgy 553, Sampaloc Manila.


At the Dona Josefa Martinez High School in Quezon City, 2 PCOS machines did not work. Several problems involving the PCOS machine was also observed at the Pasong Tamo Elementary School, Quezon City (CP # 1211). At Bagbag Elementary School several ballots were rejected and some voters went home because of a one hour delay. In Pinyahan Elemnetary School, the PCOS was also not working and also at Batasan Hills.


At the San Juan Municipal High School, several policemen permitted LGU personnel to distribute samples ballots near the polling place.


In Makati City, there were problems of PCOS machines shutting down as observed at the San Jose Elementary School and at the San Isidro High School, with two PCOS machines unable to function. In Brgy. Pembo, a brownout was reported at 11:31 am.


In Mandalayong City, there was a long line of voters at Fabella Elementary School. Another malfunctioned PCOS machine was reported at 9:50 am in  Andres Bonifacio Integrated School (CP#22) in Mandaluyong City.


In Baclaran Elementary School (CP#19), Paranaque city, a BEI was reported for not assisting a senior citizen in feeding a blank ballot at PCOS machine. Due to malfunctioning PCOS machine until 11:00 am, a BEI told the voters in Tambo Elementary School that they will do manual voting.


In Taguig National High School (CP#31), manual voting was done by several voters due to defective PCOS. At 10 am, temporary delay of voting occurred due to brownout in R.P. Cruz Elementary School.


In Cebu City, at the Punta Princesa Elementary School (CP # 512), voters who line up at 8:00 am have still not voted at 10:55 am.