Kontra Daya mourns the passing of Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz (November 17, 1934-August 26, 2020) at around 6:45 a.m. According to media reports, he passed away at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center where he was confined due to a lingering illness.

Attending our group’s launching in Intramuros together with the late Fr. Joe Dizon and other freedom loving people, Cruz was a founding convenor of Kontra Daya in 2007. He supported our group in the succeeding election cycles, issuing public statements that denounce various forms of fraud.

Analyzing the 2010 national elections, Cruz said a decade ago that “(t)he single biggest fear […] is the possibility of a failure of elections which will surely benefit the administration.” His words still ring true today.

May his passing not be in vain as we continue to push for clean and honest elections. Just like Cruz, let us speak truth to power.

As the 2022 elections roll around, may we all emulate Cruz as he takes a stand against election fraud, particularly the use of government resources and circumvention of laws just so the rich and powerful can stay in power.

For verification, please call Danilo Arao (convenor, Kontra Daya).

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