PCOS problems


  • At the Muntinlupa Elementary School’s Clustered Precinct 102 in Muntinlupa City, the PCOS machine failed to start twice. When the it was finally turned on, the screen read “problem detected with memory card”
  • A PCOS machine in Tarabucan, Calbayog in Samar broke down, with smoke coming out from the machine
  • At the Maypajo Integrated School’s Clustered Precinct 946 in Caloocan City, PCOS machine could not be turned on with the machine rejecting the PIN of the BEI member
  • At the Cotabato Central Pilot School, a PCOS machine with Serial Number 065936 counted ballots despite over-voting
  • At the Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School in Quezon City, the PCOS machine shut down twice automatically. The machine also counted wrongly shaded ballots as well as ballots with over-voting. The back-up memory card of the machine also had no serial number
  • At the Muntinlupa Elementary School in Muntinlupa City, ballots were jammed inside the PCOS machine
  • At the Malanday Elementary School in Marikina city, the BEI at Clustered Precicnts 49 and 58 failed to seal the PCOS machines
  • At Brgy IVC Elementary School’s Clustered Precint 119, the PCOS machine could not detect the memory card. The assigned technician could not boot the machine
  • At Sto Nino Elementary School’s Clustered Precincnt 71, the PCOS machine was defective
  • In Davao City, Kontra Daya field monitors reported various problems faced by the final testing and sealing (FTS) of the PCOS machines. At the Kabacan Elementary School, the manual count and PCOS count did not match. The PCOS count lacked 1 vote each for Senator and Councilor. A PCOS machine at the Buhangin Central Elem. School, meanwhile, failed to function and forced the BEI to consider the manual counting of votes. A PCOS machine also  accepted wrongly shaded ballots. Kontra Daya also reported that the memory card diagnostic in most precincts failed. At the Datu Piang Elem. School, the serial numbers of the PCOS machine and its battery did not match
  • At Pedro Diaz High School, the PCOS machine of Clustered Precinct 237 was not sealed. The machine also rejected all the ballots
  • At Muntinlupa Elementary School, most of the 21 PCOS machines reported problems with the memory card
  • At the Mandaluyong Elementary School in Mandaluyong City, the PCOS machine failed to read the votes for national candidates


Lack of orientation and training of BEI members


  • In Caloocan, BEI asked observers to leave precinct premises for lack of identification cards. But the local Comelec has not released IDs yet
  • At the Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School, several BEI members did not have a manual or guide for the FTS
  • Kontra Daya field monitors in Davao City reported that a member of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) in one precinct there was suddenly replaced for the conduct of the final testing and sealing (FTS) today
  • Teachers at the Calinan Central Elementary School said that the original third member of their BEI was suddenly replaced without prior notice. The BEI members expressed concern if the the last minute replacement underwent proper training. Kontra Daya also questioned if what the Comelec did is allowed under the law


Lack of materials for the FTS


  • At the Torres High School in Tondo, Manila, the FTS was delayed due to lack of materials including for the sealing of the PCOS machines
  • All PCOS machines at the UPIS in Quezon City did not have proper seals at the end of FTS because the materials delivered were incomplete
  • At the Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School in Quezon City, no plastic seals were given. The PCOS machines were sealed with packing tape
  • At the Vicente Lim High School’s Clustered Precinct 205 in Manila, no plastic security seal was delivered
  • At the Malanday Elementary School, no paper seal was delivered for the CF cards. The BEI used scotch tape instead
  • At the Pedro Diaz High School, no seal was delivered to Clustered Precinct 237. The PCOS machine also rejected the ballots


Power outage


  • At the Canizares National Highschool, the final testing and sealing of the PCOS was delayed due to lack of electricity
  • In Taragona, Davao Oriental, intermittent power shortages delayed the FTS in many precincts


Military presence


  • At the Ramon Magsaysay High School, police officers were seen inside the precincts
  • In Banganga, Davao Oriental, elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines were seen inside the voting center