PCOS problems

Iloilo City

  • At Lopez Jaena, La Paz Precinct 0624 ballots were rejected for reasons that cannot be explained.
  • At Baldoza, La Paz Clustered Precinct 186 the LCD screen of the PCOS machine with Serial # 302-201-86 malfunctioned 6:23 AM. The voting proceeded manually. The said PCOS machine went well during the finalization, testing, and sealing (FTS) last May 10.
  • In Cubay, Jaro Precinct 124 ballots are rejected by the PCOS machine with Serial # 0013318AC007647. Voting is temporarily stopped by 7:49 AM. Voting resumes manually by 8:55 AM.
  • At Balabago, Jaro the voting started only by 7:35 AM because of problems in the PCOS machine, particularly the excessive thickness of the thermal paper.
  • In Quintinsalas, Jaro the PCOS machine paper jammed 3 times as of 9:00 AM. The BEI keeps on shaking the machine “in order to prevent it from jamming.”
  • At Tanza Timawa Zone 2 Precincts 165b, 166a, 167a, and 167b the PCOS machine with Serial # 001ss18A01039638107 did not receive ballots. Voting was temporarily stopped.
  • At Baybay Tanza Precinct 10 the PCOS machine malfunctioned by 10:04 AM.
  • At Baybay Tanza Precinct 9a the PCOS machine memory failed by 10:18 AM. The BEI commenced manual voting.
  • At Calaparan Precincts 0212a, 0213a, 0213b, 0215a, and 0214b the PCOS machine rejected all ballots. Manual voting commences as of 10:05 AM.
  • At Timawa Zone 2 Clustered Precinct 51 voting resumed manually by 10:33 AM after PCOS machine malfunction.

Iloilo Province

  • In Buntatala, Leganes, the PCOS machine paper jams at 7:35 AM.
  • At Calinog Barangays Delgado (861 voters), Aglibacao (377 voters), Lonoy (655 voters), Simsiman (696 voters), Dalid (796 voters), Malapawe (236 voters), Gama Grande (423 voters), Banban Grande (508 voters), and Pequeno (587 voters) PCOS machines malfunctioned as of 9:13 AM.
  • In Guihaman, Leganes the PCOS machine malfunctions after two ballots were cast by 7:30 AM. Some voters went home because of the long wait.
  • At Ilaud, Zarraga Precincts 2, 6a, 7a, 8a, and 8b the PCOS machine with serial # 30470002 experienced paper jam by 10:30 AM. The PCOS read 185 ballots before it was shut down. There was manual voting afterwards
  • In Buga, Igbaras, the CF card was replaced by another CF card after it failed to read. However, the machine still didn’t work.
  • In Bingawan barangays Ngengean, Quenarupan, and Poblacion 3 the PCOS malfunctioned and was replaced by a back-up machine.
  • At Cabalabaguan, Mina Precincts 30a, 30b, 30c, and 30d PCOS “automatic shutdown” malfunction as of 11:38 AM. The voting continued manually.
  • In Igbaras the voting started 7:30 AM because of damaged CF card.
  • In Poblacion, Anilao, the ballots of 10 voters were not read by the PCOS. But the ballots were received by the PCOS machine after fed 20 times.
  • At Miagao Aguiauan, a PCOS machine malfunction by 8:00 AM led to manual voting.


  • In Roxas City Clustered Precinct 68, the senatorial candidates shaded on the ballots are not read by the PCOS machine. This is reported 7:40 AM.
  • At Bolo, Roxas City Precincts 144a, 145a, 146a, 147a, and 147b the PCOS machine rejects more than 6 ballots.
  • In Bungsuan, Dumarao Precincts 225a and 228a PCOS machines emitted a yellow light before conking out as of 8:25 AM. Manual voting commenced by the BEI.
  • At Bungsuan, Dumarao Precinct 14 the PCOS machine malfunctioned by 7:40 AM. The BEI started manual voting.


Voting Conduct

Iloilo City

  • At Balabago, Jaro, Precincts 103 the poll watchers are not allowed to use cellphones inside the polling area.

Iloilo Province

  • Only 1 PCOS machine is serving 400 voters in the whole Tini-uan, Cabatuan. Two voters went home because of the long list.
  • In Igbaras, the BEI insisted that blind voters cannot be assisted by their relatives. The watchers insisted that it is possible and was resolved shortly.


Ballot Problems

  • In Capiz ballots meant for Sia, Tapaz and Agluluway, Jamindan were interchanged.


Power outage

Iloilo City

  • At Baldoza and San Isidro, La Paz a power outage was recorded 10:56 AM.
  • At Balabago, Jaro, Precincts 103 brownouts were recorded thrice. A 3 minute power outage was recorded by 8:32 AM while another one was recorded by 10:08 AM.

Iloilo Province

  • In Leon, a brief brownout was recorded in the morning.
  • In Lanag, Tigbauan there was a power outage 8:15 AM.



For the period between 6:00AM to 12:00NN, reports were received from Iloilo City, Iloilo Province, and Capiz. There were 33 cases of PCOS problems reported. Of this 27 malfunctioned and were shutdown. Some of the reasons specified include LCD screen damage (1), CF card damage (4), machine memory failure (1), and paper jam (1). There were at least 8 cases of PCOS machines rejecting ballots for unexplained reasons. There were 3 cases of delays in the opening of voting. At least 9 cases of manual counting were recorded in response to PCOS malfunction. At least 5 cases of power outages were recorded, 1 case of interchanged ballots between two barangays, 1 case of poll watchers prohibited from using cellphones, and 1 complaint on the conduct of the Board of Electoral Inspectors.