Incidents of vote-buying reported to Kontra Daya continue to rise on Sunday, May 8, as election day draws near.

Kontra Daya has received 27 reports of vote-buying so far, complete with photo or video evidence, from various locations across the country. The documentation shows bundles of cash, ranging from 500 pesos to as much as 7,000 pesos, included with sample ballots containing the names of local candidates as well as candidates for national posts.

Vote buying is done en masse in some areas, according to some reports. Voters are called to a covered court or barangay hall to pick up money, as well as sample ballots or campaign materials. Vote buying is done more clandestinely, based on other reports, as campaigners go from house to house giving envelopes containing money and sample ballots.

Under the Omnibus Election Code, campaigners or candidates caught engaging in vote-buying can be punished with a fine, jail sentence, or disqualification from office. Since its formation in 2007, Kontra Daya has repeatedly received reports of vote-buying happening across the country.

Kontra Daya encourages voters to submit reports of vote-buying through social media using the hashtags #VoteReportPH #KontraDaya, through its mobile phone hotlines, or through its Incident Report Form. To aid in verifying the report, please include the date, time and location that the incident occured, as well as photos or videos that prove that the incident happened. It would also be helpful to provide additional context that can help in verifying the report.

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