News of defective PCOS machines continue to be reported around Metro Manila even as election day nears closing.  In Quezon City, for instance, the PCOS reportedly overheated in Cluster Precinct 1120 in Bgy Talipapa, where only 373 voters were able to vote.


Voting was also delayed in Precinct 4943 in Dona Josefa High School in Quezon City while board of election inspectors (BEIs) waited for the response of Smartmatic technicians.


In Tondo, the PCOS rejected successive ballots in Lakandula High School in Bgy. 148. Smartmatic technicians were unable to repair the PCOS, and advised the BEIs to wait for the machine to be replaced.


In Pasig, the PCOS rejected more than 300 ballots in Cluster Precinct 384 and around 11 ballots in Cluster Precinct 400 in Santolan Elementary School in Bgy. Santolan. Voting was delayed also in Napico Elementary School , Brgy. Manggahan District 2 reportedly due to lack of technicians who will attend to the faulty PCOS machines.


In Caloocan, BEI chairperson Paul Sandigio of Cluster Precinct 615 in Maypajo Elementary School reportedly decided not to use the PCOS after it rejected  a ballot. #