Soldiers were reported inside several electoral precincts in Isabela City, Basilan province in violation of the COMELEC’s instructions, reports from election watchdog Kontra Daya say.


Kontra Daya’s volunteers on the ground reported that four soldiers were already stationed outside the school entrance of Kampurnah Elementary School in Isabela City. Four soldiers were spotted inside the school premises as the voting in Kampurhah Elementary School started 6:00 a.m.


The presence of military forces inside the precinct violates COMELEC rules. No reports have reached Kontra Daya as to whether the local Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) has flagged the soldier’s presence inside the precinct or not.


Further reports reaching Kontra Daya say that soldiers are now guarding the entrances of several precincts in the voting centers of Barangay Sumagdang, Isabela City. Soldiers were spotted inside Precinct 69 in Sumagdang Elementary School and Precinct 121 in Isabela City.


Several text messages circulating black propaganda against ACT Teachers progressive partylist were also being reported by Basilan residents, Kontra Daya says. ###