In Caloocan City, poll watcher Liza Perdigones reported that in Brgy 177 Cielito Zamora Elementary School, ballots were trimmed before these were fed into the PCOS machine. Similar cases of trimmed ballots to fit the machine were also reported in other parts of the country.
In the same school, particularly in Precinct Numbers 1293-1297, Cluster 350, the PCOS machine bogged down after rejecting four ballots. Although the aid of a technician was sought, the PCOS machine still would not scan the ballots. The PCOS machine bears the number #0015518A01066548, serial # 315699.
Meanwhile, in Camarin High School, the PCOS machine in Clustered Precinct #225 also bogged down. Cluster 225 is located at Barangay 174, North Caloocan.