The rate of processing voters appeared slow, with the mock polls marked by delays and glitches. From 10am to 11am, only 70 votes were cast. There was a slight improve from 11am to 12 noon where 84 votes were cast. At this rate, 1,000 voters by 6pm would not be possible.

12 noon- 257 votes cast

11:36 am – So far, they have been processing the casting of ballots at a rate of 70 an hour. This would be an ideal pace if only 700 voters were expected to queue up at every clustered precinct. However, with 1,000 voters registered for these mock polls and expected to line up at the venue — replicating real-time conditions — they would be able to accommodate only 70 percent of the voters by 6 pm.

And to think that the ongoing process is close to ideal conditions. The voters are pre-selected by UNTV and are arriving at a steady stream. Also, the BEI did not scan the ballots for UV marks.

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